Silly Kitty Makes a Mess

When a kitty makes a mess without permission, his owner locks up his cock leading him to get so pent up he goes mad from need.

This is a very horny poem I wrote with Bruzer on Mastodon, inspired by a verbal motif they had rolling around. I wrote a short poem based on it, which turned into us trading stanzas back and forth, and it got more and more kinky and at some point the scansion and rhyme scheme changed but I think that works with the overall narrative that emerged. I've polished it up and tweaked it a little, but the original thing lives on over in this thread.

(Also thanks you Bruzer for letting me put this up c:)

Contains: petplay, chastity, milking, muskplay, mindbreak

Silly Kitty Makes a Mess

Pretty Kitty has to edge
Pretty Kitty strokes his cock
Pretty Kitty goes too far
Pretty Kitty cums a lot

Silly Kitty makes a mess
Silly Kitty's misbehaved
Silly Kitty's owner's mad
Silly Kitty gets the cage

Naughty Kitty cums no more
Naughty Kitty's out of luck
Naughty Kitty best behave
or Naughty Kitty's getting fucked

Horny Kitty wants to cum
so Horny Kitty rides his horse
Horny Kitty moans too loud
Horny Kitty just got caught

Subby Kitty's getting milked
Subby Kitty's got blue balls
Subby Kitty's prostate's numb
Subby Kitty takes it all

Slutty Kitty's getting gaped
Slutty Kitty's full of cocks
Slutty Kitty loves the smell
of All the musky horny jocks

Cutie Kitty's got some dicks
In his mouth and in his hole
Cutie Kitty cannot think
he's Focused on his subby role

Dummy Kitty needs more cock
Craves it more than food
Dummy Kitty wants to lick
the Dick of every dude

Cumbrain Kitty's lost his mind
from All his need to cum
Cumbrain Kitty's got so dumb
he Cannot even rhyme

Cumbrain Kitty wants more jizz
from Big strong hunky men
Cumbrain Kitty drinks it down
from Now until his end

Cumbrain Kitty cannot think
of Anything but cum
Cumbrain kitty needs more dicks
to Fill him up with cum

Cumbrain kitty what is words
Need more big thick cummy cock
Cumbrain Kit...ttyyy just fuck me please
fuck me hard aahhhhnnng~


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