Ax in the Dragon Kingdom

Ax with Titan from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Titan is holding the much smaller Ax up with his strong arms so that Ax's chest and left arm are resting against a wall. He's hoisting Ax's right leg up, twisting Ax's slender midriff and granting his large, purple cock easy access to Ax's hole. Ax is fully erect and dripping pre, with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out in ecstasy. Click to see full image.

Ax has decided to pay a visit to the dragon kingdom, and he's making friends the only way he knows how.

I like Spyro Reignited's dragon redesigns a lot. Like, a lot . So I got a piece with one of my personal favourites, Titan (who you rescue as you're just entering the Peace Keepers homeworld), and I absolutely love the position he's holding Ax in. To be honest, I'm tempted to get commissions of Ax visiting all of the dragon worlds.

You can find the artist at:
FurAffinity dot Net:


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